A completely gutted townhouse.  
Nothing left but exterior walls.
A floor is added.
framing of floor
completely gutted house
stud walls and recessed lights
The kitchen is constructed with
some temporary stairs.
stud walls
sheetrock installed
Bluestone pavers
Stone pavers are hand-selected
for the best fit . . .
working on kitchen
Wow!  It's starting to look like a modern kitchen!
FIRST FLOOR:  The plan is a very modern style with an open floor plan.
SECOND FLOOR:  Bedrooms, Bathrooms, a Skylight:
BACK of the house:
modern house detail
floating stairs being installed
The permanent stairs are installed.
Sheet-rock is added.
. . . and laid into place.
modern kitchen
A modernist kitchen, from scratch!
double sink
Framing for the second and third floors.
tile backsplash
Border detail
The modernist
style requires
and detail.  No
casings to cover
up sloppy sheet
rock work.  
lighting and detail
old brick facade
New modern facade
The back of the house now has a completely
before.  The window sills are made of blue
stone, just like the patio below.
Victor Brubaker
Philadelphia Remodeling Contractor
2009 NARI CotY
Award-winning project
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