Trust us to build your . . . Garage:
Philadelphia Remodeling Contractor
Original view, no garages
houses each wanted:
  • private alley
  • shared rooftop

Scroll down to follow
this transformation.
Brick Facade
Brick facade
Brick arched entryway
Pouring Concrete Floor
Backhoe demolition
Looking out from alley
Garages take shape
Pouring Concrete Footings
Steel beam supports
Finishing Concrete Floor
Steel beam supports
The alley was excavated and
adjoining walls removed.  

footings for the new walls.  
Then some was channelled
Concrete was poured to make
inside to pour footing for steel
Steel supports are lifted into place:
Walls were rebuilt with concrete block and decorated with a brick façade:
This is the interior view looking out onto the
street.  Each door enters its respective garage.
Here is the exterior view of the 2 garages
and the outer entrance to the breezeway.
Time to pour the garage floors.
2009 Major Project -- Center City Garages
New Garages
New Garages
With an elaborate
With an elaborate
three floors above the
garages were supported
garages were supported
with steel beams.  
Now each home has the luxury of it’s
own 2-car garage right in Center City.

A lighted, secured breezeway leads to the
alley.  The decorative baluster above
borders the new deck.